4 Ways Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company Extends Your Carpet’s Life

You must be wondering why hire a carpet cleaning company like Missouri City Carpet Cleaning, when you can clean the carpet by yourself over the course of a weekend. Well, apart from the fact that carpet cleaning will end up breaking your back, and render you unable to work properly over the next few days, you simply would not be able to clean it as good as the professionals. They are professionals for a reason. They know the ins and outs of the carpet, and cleaning it is what they do for a living. Moreover, most people end up damaging the carpet irreparably in the process of cleaning it ‘really well’. As the adage goes – penny wise, pound foolish, they do save on the cleaning expenses, but will be buying a new carpet much sooner.

Industrial Strength Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner that you use at home is great for daily cleaning, but it is not capable of cleaning out the dust particles and debris that has lodged itself deep inside the carpet. All of this dust, dirt, hair, and other debris cause a lot of wear and tear to the carpet over the years. Since your vacuum cleaner does not remove them even after a good clean, they continue to damage the carpet for years. On the other hand, professional carpet cleaners have immensely powerful vacuum cleaners that will suck out every dust particle, no matter where it is hidden in the carpet. Although hiring a professional is an expense, in the end, your carpet will experience less wear and tear, ultimately lasting many more years.

Knowledge of Carpet Varieties

Carpet cleaning professionals have the experience of cleaning a variety of carpets. They will have cleaned every type of carpet there is. This experience brings with it the knowledge of which cleaning agents do the best job on a particular carpet type. So, just by looking at your carpet, they will be able to pick the cleaning products to produce the best cleaning results on your carpet. If you try to clean your carpet with some store-bought cleaner, you may end up doing more damage than good to the carpet. Carpets react very differently to different products. Unless you have thorough knowledge of carpets and suitable cleaning products, which is usually not the case, it is best to hire a professional.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew are usually something that grows on carpets for many reasons. But, there is one interesting source behind the mold and mildew infestation. It is the people themselves, who decide to clean the carpet with water. Water gets the carpets excessively wet. So, in the process of cleaning it, you ended up making it a target for mold and mildew. They damage the carpet from the inside, and render it unusable.

Excellent Stain Removal

This may be more of a cosmetic reason, but a very valid on. Nobody wants a carpet in their house that has permanent stains everywhere. When you hire a professional, they use industrial grade reagents that are guaranteed to remove most stains. Thus, unlike an amateur, they do not go rubbing the carpet to get rid of the stain. So, there is no chance of physical damage during stain removal. Then, when the carpet is stain-free, you can keep it for a few more years.

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Benefits of Cleaning Carpets with Organic Carpet Cleaners

Did you know that many of the chemicals used as cleaners are toxic when inhaled? I bet you are now thinking – yeah, sure, they are when inhaled, but nobody goes and drinks them! You are right. Nobody in their right mind would drink the cleaners, but does that mean you are not affected by them? Here’s some food for thought. When a carpet is cleaned with chemical cleaners and reagents, do you really think that all of those chemicals simply disappear? No, they are exactly where you put them, in the carpet. When you walk on the carpet, or vacuum it, these chemicals are released back into the air. The very air that you breathe. Do you see now? You are inhaling the very chemicals that you agreed nobody would ever drink in their right minds.

The toxins are not only released into the air inside your home, but also into the outside environment. With millions of homes doing this, you can now imagine what is happening to the environment. Not to mention you and your family’s health. Many of these toxins are carcinogenic and long term exposure can be extremely harmful. What makes chemical cleaners even more dangerous is that carpets are usually made of synthetic fibers, which can react with the very chemicals which are being used to clean them. The products of these reactions are released into the air in the form of fumes even faster.

Those who are particularly at risk are toddlers, pets, and infants, who spend more time closer to the carpet than adults. They can touch something with their bare hands and then put it in their mouth, or chew objects that were lying on the carpet and could catch the toxins on its surface. Some of the ingredients that are used in these chemical cleaners are pesticides, acids, formaldehyde, disinfectants, and so on. The byproducts of these chemicals – hexane, acetone, styrene, benzene, and others – can cause a host of diseases such as nausea, asthma, allergy, congestion, and even cancer.

Organic cleaners are made of substances that are obtained from completely natural sources. They do not have any harmful ingredients. So, even if they linger on in the carpet after the cleaning, there is no risk from them. They are completely safe. Moreover, they do not pollute the environment either, which is good for everyone.

There is another major advantage of using organic carpet cleaners. They are typically dry and contain no water. This is always a welcome thing, as it prevents the growth of mold. Mold requires moisture and once it starts growing, there is very little you can do about it. So, any moisture that you can avoid is great for the carpet’s longevity.

In a nutshell, cleaning your carpet with organic cleaners helps you in maintaining the health of you, your family, and people working with you. In addition to this, it is also good for the carpet as well, and the organic cleaners are completely biodegradable, and therefore, do not pose a risk to the environment.

5 Amazing Advantages of Dry Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is not an easy job. It takes many hours, and a lot of effort. Even when it is done, it will be quite some time, before the carpet is dry and reusable again. Not to mention the fact that the businesses or homeowners have to suffer the inconvenience, when the job is being carried out. Normal carpet cleaning is quite an exercise. But dry carpet cleaning solves a number of these problems, and makes the whole thing a breeze. Here’s how.

Immediate Usability

When carpets are cleaned with water, they soak up a lot of water. Then, they take an eternity to get dry as well. During this drying period, they cannot be used. This results in a lot of downtime for both businesses and families. On the other hand, in case of dry carpet cleaning, there is no waiting required. Occupants can start using the carpet right after the cleaning is completed.

Hidden Stains

A wet carpet can actually hide light stains. Many a times, when the carpet is wet, they come dark in color and make it difficult for naked eyes to spot any stains. Even when you think you are spotted and cleaned a stain, you can never be sure whether the stain is completely removed until the carpet is dry. Who knows, once the carpet is dry and returns to its normal color, the stain might become more obvious. With dry carpet cleaning, you never miss a single stain.

Sophistication and Quietness

Dry carpet cleaning requires sophisticated equipment that makes little to no noise. In fact, they are so quiet that carpet cleaning can be carried out even during the business hours, when the occupants are working in another part of the building. Families can sit in one room, while the cleaning goes on in another in a quiet manner.

Good for Environment and Health

Dry carpet cleaning does not require harsh chemicals to get rid of the tough stains, and deeply embedded dirt. The whole thing is quite smooth. The machines are all electrically powered and there are no fumes left in the room, after the cleaning is completed. Also, since only environment-friendly products are used, there are no strong smells, fumes, or residues left after the cleaning is done. Thus, people can actually breathe clean air, without worrying about the chemicals either.

Highly Effective

Although the equipment used is quiet, they are no less powerful. They remove soil, dirt, and debris, from the dirtiest of the carpets with ease, and make them as good as new. Dry carpet cleaning is a highly effective procedure.


There is no water used, and all the machinery works on electricity. Hence, there is no need to keep the doors open when dry carpet cleaning is being carried out, unlike the carpet cleaning which uses water hoses. This is a great benefit to the owners of the property in terms of security.